Selling Gold? What you need to know

What is my gold worth?

Selling Gold? What you need to know… the spot price is not the total price. Unless it is scrap, your gold jewelry may be worth much more!

How do I know if I’m getting a fair deal for my gold, silver or precious metal? 

Why We Can Pay Up to Double the Market Price For Your Gold 

We can often pay up to double the market price for your gold jewelry.  Why? Because we have an extensive network of jewelry dealers throughout the United States and beyond. We evaluate the quality and construction of your items.   Even if your jewelry is damaged or beyond repair, we normally pay about 80% of the going rate for scrap gold. 

 Gold Jewelry May Increase the Price We Pay Substantially. 

 While pure gold prices are listed at market, some jewelry may have a much higher value than the pure weight or karat content (purity). For instance, jewelry by famous designers carries an intrinsic worth that is much higher than the simple weight of the gold. Names that command a higher value are well known names like Tiffany, Cartier, Boucheron. Rarity also increases the price, like pieces by Gérard Sandoz. We must not forget gold watches by Rolex, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cariter and the like. Some of these watches, whether made of gold or not can be extremely valuable based upon age, popularity and rarity. We would love to evaluate your pocket watches or wrist watches for possible purchase. {See the link below for a submission form.} 

 At Bendannie, we are looking to buy scrap gold, jewelry, as well as pure silver, sterling silver, and platinum. We are would be glad to evaluate any of your precious jewelry…

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