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Founded in 1979, Ben-Dannie has been in business for over 40 years. We are known in the fine jewelry industry for our award-winning designs, superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service.  We have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. We value our reputation and we do everything in our power to uphold it with good customer service and fair pricing.

Located in West Hollywood, Ben-Dannie caters to an impressive list of guild jewelry stores nationwide. Additionally, our jewelry has been honored with prestigious DeBeers' Diamonds Today, Platinum Passion and Spectrum awards. Please Read a Few of our Testimonials from our Valued Customers

Paul Dabb
I am writing this review as both a buyer and seller. I Sold my Rolex Submariner stainless to Robert for actually more money than I paid for it in the late 80's, I know because I left the original receipt in the box. How's that for beating the stock market? And then a few months later for my daughters graduation present, I remembered that he makes his own jewelry. So I had Robert make up a there diamond necklace for her. Like I see some others have said, everything with Robert is smooth a professional. And as a fellow business owner, I practice and appreciate quality service. Awesome Service

David M. NYC  
I worked with Robert at Ben Dannie to find the perfect gift for my mom, a Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. He was extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful in his advice when we were discussing what to get, and not pushy at all. He was very helpful, answered all of my questions and listened to what I wanted. When we finally decided on the model he was very reasonable in setting the price and walked me through the process of wiring and shipping, which can be complicated for the inexperienced. The whole time I felt like I was being treated with the highest level of service, enough so that I had no qualms at all about having Ben Dannie shipping the gift directly to my mother in Ohio from LA, while I live in New York. I would recommend Ben Dannie to anyone looking for jewelry and other items. Shipping was also very fast. Thanks again Robert!
David M. Manhattan

Joan M. Robert -
  I am packing up my household and after 10 years in Georgia ,I will move back to the mid-west this fall . The big BIG attraction there is my 15 month old new grand daughter. I came upon this fabulous CAD rendering of my ring this morning , while packing ! Thanks for doing SUCH a wonderful job ! I am still thrilled with my radiant cut diamond ring you created , and delight in wearing it . Hope all is well with you and your family , Robert . Best regards - Joan M. Fabulous CAD Rendering!

Jillian W  
Excellent service! Completed a transaction with Robert. I highly recommend this place. Robert is extremely knowledgable and a no nonsense guy. -Jillian W. Redondo Beach, CA

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Is Platinum The Same Things As White Gold?

Is Platinum The Same Things As White Gold?

Platinum is a much harder metal than gold and can be used to make jewelry without too much modification and so, it commands a higher price than gold. White gold is yellow gold mixed with other elements like palladium to give its white color and to strengthen it for use in jewelry.... Read More Here...

How Does its Karat affect Gold's Value?

How Does its Karat affect Gold's Value?

You may have often heard of the terms 10 karat (10k) or 24 karat (24k) Gold. The higher the karat, the purer the gold. 24 karat is considered pure gold or 99.9% pure. Pure gold, like pure silver is too soft to be used in making jewelry....Read More Here...

What is the Difference between Pure Silver and Sterling Silver?

What is the Difference between Pure Silver and Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is a type of Silver. Pure Silver's silver content is 99.9% with trace elements of .01%. But pure silver is very soft and will not hold its shape. For most common uses, silver needs to be hardened to make jewelry for example.... Read More Here...

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